Virtual Reality Marketing

Tap Into Your Audience

Using virtual reality to connect with consumers may sound like something from a science fiction movie, but VR is a tool of the here-and-now. If your brand isn't already messaging or engaging in virtual formats, you might even be behind the curve. As many as 75 percent of top global brands said they were integrating virtual reality into their strategies as early as 2015.


How Can VR Marketing Help With Brand Engagement?


Virtual reality is an ideal platform for engaging with your target audience. This is true whether you need a globally accessible mobile VR app or one specifically for impressive pop-up events, trade shows, or show rooms.

These uses of VR let you immerse consumers in a story related to your brand. For example, a home decor company might invest in 360 video virtual reality for use at conventions and expos. Instead of looking at samples or pictures of products, attendees can actually experience a home or room furnished with the brand's products to see how they work with each other and in dynamic environments.

Virtual reality can also add incredible interactive elements to an experience. A car company could let customers customize their dream car, and then take it for a virtual spin! Not only is the customer highly engaged, you can gather qualitative data and design more effective marketing and advertising campaigns. One of the benefits of VR is that it can track all types of movement — including eye movement and focus. This can tell you where people are looking and how long they focus on certain elements.

Finally, brands can leverage VR to help themselves understand how consumers might engage with products in real-world environments. By testing reactions and uses in all types of virtual environments, marketers are better able to craft stories that truly draw the user in while showcasing the features and benefits of the products or services. Why spend so much on physical prototypes? VR is faster, less costly, and more customizable.


 Why Should Brands and Marketers Use VR?

The benefits of VR in marketing are wide, ranging from cost savings to the ability to develop powerful advertising campaigns. In a culture where distractions are a dime a dozen and attention spans trend ever shorter, virtual reality offers the opportunity to deeply engage consumers. You draw them away from the real world for a few moments so they can concentrate on the story you're telling them.


 Why Work With Look On Media?

VR may not be an entirely new tool in marketing, but most of the adopters have been the largest brands. As markets at all levels become more competitive and technology more available to every company, early adopters of VR in all types of industries are likely to win larger pieces of the consumer pie. By working with Look On Media today, you can develop your marketing VR concepts now so you're ready as this future engagement wave crashes to the shore.


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