Light City Baltimore 2018

Light City 2018 was the festival's debut in Baltimore which saw over 50 brilliant art installations illuminating the city. It brought over 500,000 people to the week-long event and had a massive impact on Baltimore's economy.

Look On Media was there to capture the event in 360 video so all those that couldn't make it can still experience the inspiring art pieces and feel the energy forever.


Shelter Systems Manufacturing Facility Virtual Tour


Shelter Systems is one of the leading component manufacturers in the country. Their state of the art facility is capable of outputting huge volume with the highest precision and accuracy and they didn’t just want to tell people about it - they wanted to show them first hand.

Look On Media highlighted all of their unique selling points in an engaging 360 factory tour that can be viewed in a VR headset or via browser, mobile or tablet. This allowed Shelter Systems to show off their amazing facility to anyone, anywhere, helping them secure the most competitive new clients.


Bithenergy Solar Farm Virtual Tour

Bithenergy is a leading Maryland-based renewable energy provider that is pioneering new ways to distribute solar power back into the grid to lower utility bills. They wanted a way to educate their clients while showing the scale of their projects.

Look On Media was able to deliver all of these elements in a stylish and effective 360 video that Bithenergy now uses as both a sales and education tool.


Broken Lizard's Beerfest Chigaco


The crew over at Broken Lizard are fundraising for their new movie Super Troopers 2 so they decided to throw a party in Chicago for the backers. A big one.

This was the perfect opportunity for Look On Media to assemble a hilarious 360 jaunt through the night capturing beer pong tourneys, questionable cosplay, candid confessions, and an epic finale. 


WTMD Presents Lazlo Lee and the Motherless Children Live in 360


WTMD puts on a beer garden event every year at their studios featuring tons of local live talent. 2016's headliner was Lazlo Lee and the Motherless children and Look On Media was there to capture the live concert in VR from three simultaneous 360 camera locations. It's a viewing experience like never before.


MAGFest Virtual Tour 2016


The Music and Games Fest, or MAGFest as it's known, is a massive gathering of fans that features entire sections devoted to live music and every kind of game imaginable. Take a wild ride through the halls and absorb the crazy in 360.