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Who Is Look On Media?


We are a cutting edge Virtual Reality (VR) development studio based in Baltimore, Maryland. Using the latest in 3D rendering and 360 video technology and our extensive background in the games industry, our team is able to create industry leading visuals and engaging mechanics for your VR experience. Whether you need passive or roomscale VR content, we've got you covered.



Why Virtual Reality?

VR is more than show and tell. It's about presence, and there's no stronger way to engage your audience.

Studies show that people are far more alert and retain more information when placed in new environments. It's an evolutionary safety function that ramps up our brains, which means when people are immersed in a VR experience they are far more likely to retain the information they receive. Virtual Reality is also proving highly effective with behavioral learning - which makes it a powerful way to teach, train, or sell.


Education VR 

Virtual Reality offers education experiences like never before possible. Instead of reading about a subject your students can experience it, which in addition to creating emotional connections and improved retention, it's also FUN. With VR you can create next generation passive or interactive teaching modules that will change the way people learn


Healthcare VR

Imagine healthcare solutions that weren't dependent on expensive facilities and hectic scheduling. With Virtual Reality you can create any environment for preventative or recovery purposes that expand beyond simple patient education. Not sure what to expect from an MRI? Try it first in the safety of VR and go in much more confident and assured.


Training VR

Instead of explaining what your business does to your potential customers, show them. Virtual Reality illustrates the value of your company in a way no other mediums can. Put your customer in their dream house without leaving the office. Take your clients on a ride through your production pipeline. Get them invested and immediately talking about your company to everyone.


3D Roomscale VR

The beauty of VR is taking people to places only possible by imagination. We use the latest 3D modeling and rendering tools to bring that imagination to life


Interactive VR Museum

Working with partners Project Mosul and The Economist, The Baltimore Office of Promotion and Arts wanted to educate people on the issue of lost cultural heritage in an engaging new way.

The result is truly one of a kind. Look On Media created an interactive virtual museum allowing users to learn and interact with destroyed art pieces and lost cultural artifacts. The VR Museum featured interactive exhibits from the middle east as well as Baltimore and still has room to grow.

Baltimore Waterfront Future

Baltimore's waterfront by the National Aquarium has gone through incredible transformations in the last thirty years. It now attracts students, tourists, and local residents in increasing numbers. However, there is still a ways to go which will take both community support and funding.

Look On Media crafted a 360 virtual tour of a future concept for the waterfront to accomplish just that. Using "before and after" environments and exporting video from a 3D engine enables audiences of potential investors and residents to experience the future across any 360 format - from smart phone to a VR headset.



VR Distraction Environments

Stress and anxiety have huge impact on our day to day lives and VR presents an elegant, medication free solution.

Look On Media creates custom Virtual Reality relaxation rooms for stress and anxiety management that work to create safe spaces for people to relax and escape. Working with leading healthcare providers and researchers, Look On Media is developing new VR environments to actively alter stress-inducing behavioral pathways, which will lead to users experiencing less anxiety both in and out of VR.


Professional 360 Video

The best way to emotionally connect with your audience is proximity. Place them directly into your event with 360 video.


Light City Baltimore

Light City 2016 was the festival's debut in Baltimore which saw over 50 brilliant art installations illuminating the city. It brought over 400,000 people to the week-long event and had a massive impact on Baltimore's economy.

Look On Media was there to capture the event in 360 video so all those that couldn't make it can still experience the inspiring art pieces and feel the energy forever.

Bithenergy Solar Farm Tour

Bithenergy is a leading Maryland-based renewable energy provider that is pioneering new ways to distribute solar power back into the grid to lower utility bills. They wanted a way to educate their clients while showing the scale of their projects.

Look On Media was able to deliver all of these elements in a stylish and effective 360 video that Bithenergy now uses as both a sales and education tool. 



Broken Lizard's Beerfest Chicago

The crew over at Broken Lizard are fundraising for their new movie Super Troopers 2 so they decided to throw a party in Chicago for the backers. A big one.

This was the perfect opportunity for Look On Media to assemble a hilarious 360 jaunt through the night capturing beer pong tourneys, questionable cosplay, candid confessions, and an epic finale. 


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