ArtScape, Bitgen, and VR Panels, Oh My!

Ok, so we’ve fallen into a questionable blogging habit of going radio silent for months and then blasting giant updates, which probably flies in the face of best internet practices. It’s a heady mix of being busy with exciting new projects, those projects not being ready to go public, and slight blog paralysis (blogalysis?) – which I promise I’m working on! Either way, let’s dive in to the news:

ArtScape 2016: Double Rainbow Edition

ArtScape happened, and with it came inspiring art, a veritable cornucopia of delectable local food, and surface of the sun heat levels. Look On Media was on-site and capturing all the fun in 360 video. Be on the lookout for that experience coming soon!

BitGen 2016: Robots Rocked My Socks Off

There’s few things more pleasurable in life than a room full of arcade machines, live videogame music, and what can only be described as a cavernous volume of Natty Boh. Brought to you by the fine folks at MAGFest, BitGen always delivers a memorable experience and Look On Media was there with bells on. Well, 360 cameras anyway. We’ll be booting up this experience soon so strap in!

DC VR Panel: No Clever Subtitle Here, Just Excellence

The talented people at the WIFV and our friend/badass animator Rob Cloutier hosted an awesome VR panel in Washington DC last week. He invited us to speak on the perils and joys of VR video development as we were joined by the unreasonably good-looking VR rockstars Be the To and BaltiVirtual. It was an event to behold as we wowed/frightened/probably bored the crowd into a blissfully VR fueled info coma. Oh yes, it was exciting and these images prove it!

Well, there you have it – the Look On Media quarterly (sorry) update! Please accept our gargantuan gratitude and massive thanks to all the amazing people we’ve been working with in the past few months. You make our jobs truly awesome.


Jonathan Powell