Light City, Future Filmakers, and AR Fountains!

Here we are again, ready to pour four months worth of projects and whatnots onto a single blog post. We're not responsible bloggers, but luckily we have all this other stuff to do! Such as...

Light City 2017 | VR Museum

It seems like a lifetime ago since the second annual Light City event kicked off back in April, but we still feel the gravity of our experience there every day. Working with the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts, Rekrei, The Economist, and BaltiVirtual, we were able to recreate destroyed artifacts and preserve them in an interactive Virtual Reality Museum Experience. Using both VR, AR, and 3D printed models, the exhibit allowed visitors to explore the artifacts across multiple spaces. Watching so many people get to experience VR for the first time with such a socially meaningful project was amazing, and we hope to keep polishing the VR component and make it available in public libraries for anyone to enjoy.

Filmmakers For Tomorrow Foundation | #listen 360 Video

The Filmmakers For Tomorrow Foundation works with young adults interested in pursuing careers in every aspect of film production. The program offers participants hands on experience and portfolio pieces. This year Look On Media had the privilege of working with the foundation to create a powerful 360 video based around teen depression. By leveraging the unique presence and POV provided by 360 video, the filmmakers were able to capture an evocative look into varying experiences that depressed youth face. It was a very educating shoot for us and wonderful working with the filmmakers.


CoLapse and Nonument | Augmented Reality McKeldin Fountain

The McKeldin Fountain was a brutalist architectural free speech zone in Baltimore and was recently demolished. The concept headed up by Lisa Moren was to create a virtual memorial to the fountain that enabled people to see it as it was, where it was. Clearly this calls for the wonders of Augmented Reality! Our role was to create a powerful water system that was capable of running on phones but still had the polish of our desktop apps. Our man-god programmer Zel and 3D artist extrodinair Brian pulled of some of the best water I've ever seen running in Unity on a phone or otherwise. It's awesome, and we hope the project turns out amazing!

Jonathan Powell